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Load image into Gallery viewer, Kite Essentials ACCESSOIRESSeverneHarnais Severne POD V2
Load image into Gallery viewer, Kite Essentials ACCESSOIRESSeverneHarnais Severne POD V2

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Severne POD V2 Harness

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Stripped down for minimal weight, the POD harness uses a 3D shape to provide optimal comfort.

The hook height is reduced to provide maximum leverage to maintain control in the toughest conditions.

With its strap adjustment system you can adjust it perfectly.

The Pod will be the ideal companion for Freeride and Race sails, it will also suit beginners looking for a reliable and comfortable harness.

Differences between the waist harness and the seat harness.

The belt harness is worn around the waist. It is higher than the panty harness, which is worn at the height of the buttocks.

The panty harness has straps around the legs to keep it in place. Without them, the harness could be lifted by the force of the sail and the harness lines.

Waist harnesses are worn by windsurfers who prefer maximum flexibility over support . This is typically the case for intermediate and experienced windsurfers, mainly in the freeride, freestyle and wave disciplines. As the hook is carried higher on the body, it is easier to hook and unhook the lines.

This may be a reason for beginners to use a belt harness. On the other hand, lowering the boom when learning with a seat harness can alleviate this problem.

Seat harnesses provide better support around the lower body. It is practical for beginners, racing and slalom. This extra support is ideal for beginners.

A belt harness can put pressure on the lower ribs or on the spine. I had one that really bothered me by pressing on my lower ribs when I was boating.

Choose a seat harness

Choosing a seat harness should take into account a few specific considerations.

Fit: As with size, fit is important. Many brands offer sizes ranging from Extra Small to Extra Large. Choosing the exact size is worth spending some time on.

Harnesses have different built-in support structures. They offer the most value if they fit properly. The same goes for any lower back support elements.

I think I don't need to mention the importance of a good fit of the straps between your legs 😉.

Ergonomic and Adjustable Leg Straps: Unlike waist versions, seat harnesses have straps that go around the legs. we tested several seat harnesses and found the fit and quality of these straps to be important.

The ability to adjust them can be nice if you're going from swim shorts to a wetsuit. A little padding can go a long way in preventing skin irritation.

Severne size guide Waist circumference :

  • S: 76 to 81 cm
  • M: 81 to 86 cm
  • L: 86 to 91 cm
  • XL: 91 to 99cm