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Nos conseils pour bien choisir son harnais de Kite - Ride Essentials

Our advice for choosing the right Kite harness

Your harness is one of the key pieces of your equipment. Very often it is a neglected element when it has an essential role. The harness is a second skin, it must be carefully chosen. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to find your way around. Between the different brands, models and constructions offered.

A kite harness costs between 100 and 450 euros for the most high-end versions.

We have concocted a guide for you to help you choose the right harness

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So what matters when choosing a good harness?

👉🏼 In fact, you will have to choose between three types of harnesses, one belt harness, panty harness and there also the so-called hybird models.

The choices to be made will concern the parts of the harness which have an impact, among other things, on the support And the comfort it provides.

The most important characteristics of a harness are:

  • THE weight
  • there quality of materials ,
  • THE buckle tightening system

Maybe you already have a harness and are thinking of buying a new one ?

Either way, it is important to understand the features what you need for make the right choice ✅

There are basically two types of kite harnesses . The harness cheeky and the belt harness .

Note that the seat harness is worn lower on the body and has straps between the legs to keep it in place.

Differences between the waist harness and the seat harness.

The waist harness is wears around the waist . He is higher than the panty harness, which is worn at the height of the buttocks.

The panty harness is provided with straps around the legs to hold it in place. Without them, the sling could be lifted by the strength of the sail

THE harness belts are worn by riders who prefer the maximum flexibility in support . This is typically the case for intermediate and experienced riders, mainly in freeride disciplines, freestyle and waves. As the hook is worn higher on the body, it provides more ease in your legs

Seat harnesses provide better support around the lower body. It is convenient for beginners.

The seat harness, even if it is poorly adjusted, will not go up when sailing

Pant harnesses have straps between the legs. They maintain the harness in low position . This means that the bar is pulled lower when navigating. Therefore, the position of the body is a little different.

If you just want go for relatively flat water with a maximum power , the panty harness can be a great option

The two types of harnesses have one thing in common: they must be very good adjusted to maximize the help they provide.

Difference between a kite and windsurf harness 😉

Although harnesses for windsurfing and the kitesurfing may appear similar to an untrained eye , they are not. The main differences are in:

  • Hook and hanging system: kitesurfing harnesses sometimes have spreader bars. The attachment point of the lines can move from left to right. This has advantages for kitesurfers but not in windsurfing
  • Rear Leash: kitesurf harnesses can be equipped with a leash at the back. For windsurfers, this is just extra weight.

Choose a belt harness for the kite

⚠️ The choosing a belt harness must take into account a few specific points.

Size : harnesses are available in sizes from Extra Small to Extra Large. It is important to choose the exact right size.

A harness too small at the waist will be uncomfortable and may interfere with breathing. For girls, there may be additional issues with harnesses riding up while windsurfing.

On the other hand, if the size is too large, the harness can move around the body and complicate your practice .

Support : Once you've got the right size, you're not there yet. The different models offer a different amount of support, often in slightly different places.

Choose a seat harness

  • The cup : As with size, fit is important. Many brands offer sizes ranging from Extra Small to Extra Large.
  • 👉🏼 Needless to mention the importance of a good fit of the straps between your legs 😉.
  • Support : As mentioned, the internal support structures are important to consider.
  • Ergonomic and adjustable leg straps: Unlike waist versions, seat harnesses have straps that go around the legs. I tested several seat harnesses and found that the fit and quality of these straps were important.

The ability to adjust them can be nice if you're going from swim shorts to a wetsuit. A little of padding can provide additional support to prevent skin irritation.

The recap 😀😀😀

Panties or belt? You have the choice ✅

👉🏼 we have one preference for belt harnesses which offer more freedom and allow to navigate with a rig more freedom , less pressure in the legs which gives a freer overall feeling. t.

If you prefer the feeling of support and are used to sailing in a more seated position, then the seat harness will be the ideal choice. The panty harness has this reassuring side

Developing maximum power delivered by the muscular chain of the quadriceps and buttocks, the seat harness provides maximum thrust on the board. Offering a very low seat, it provides the most effective lever arm to optimize speed

The seat harness allows you to hold more surface and optimize the power of your engine without loss of energy, especially in gusts.

For ladies and children

There are harnesses for women and for children, it's not for nothing because they are specifically designed for the female morphology .

Whether they are panties or a belt, they have the same technical characteristics as the men's with more fitted cuts and finer shapes.